LinMot Linear Motors and LinMot Servo Controller build an optimal drive system for linear positioning applications. The broad spectrum of Servo Controllers support simple two point movements as well as high precision multi axes applications with electronic cam and synchronization.

Easy Integration

The connection to a superior machine control units can be realized by analog, digital or serial Interfaces as well as field busses or ETHERNET.

The plurality of available field bus interfaces and protocols allow an easy and fast integration of LinMot controllers into any PLC or PC based machine controller.

Application Software
With the Application Software it is possible to program customized applications directly into the Servo Controller. An Application Software makes sense if the process is to fast to send the data from the Servo Controller to the PLC or the performance of the PLC is not sufficient.

E1200 Series


E1100 Series

The E1100 Servo Controller series are modular controllers for linear and rotating motors with a 32-Bit positioning resolution.

The Controllers are suited for simple, standard and High-End postioning tasks in the range of small up to high forces of the LinMot Linear Motors. The flexible Controllers can also control any 1/2/3 phase linear or rotating motor. Specially the small brushless DC-Motors can be driven by the E1100 controllers and are fully integraded in the different available fieldbus systems.

All the E1100 Systems can be upgraded with end reference switches, external position sensors and pneumatic brakes.

The E1100 controllers possess analog and digital inputs and outputs, serial interfaces, fieldbus and ETHERNET connections. Therefore the controllers can be integrated in every PLC or PC environment.

The flexibilty of the E1100 Series makes them to universal Controllers for single and multiple axes application based on different Linear Motors, rotating motors and other actuators.

B1100-PP Series


B1100 -VF Series


B1100-GP Series


E100/E1001 Series


E130/E1031 Series