Linkan Asia Co. is a prominent Actuator manufacturer. Our R&D teams have years of professiona
l experience in electronics, electrical engineering, and mechanical knowledge. Combining theory with practical experience in our profession, we have devoted our attentions to the design, development and manufacture of the automatic control systems like linear actuators, control boxes, controllers, lifting columns, and well as many other products.

We are always developing new products with our customer’s current and future needs and wants in mind.
Our motorized hospital beds, dental chairs and the patient moving rack were first utilized in medical rehabilitation facilities but now our products are enjoyed in the ordinary household as well as in offices and recreational sports areas.
We maintain very strict quality standards for our products; our after-sale services are impeccable and consistent.Our expertise in renovation, excellence and leadership in the industry is guaranteed at Linkan Asia Co. We want to help you achieve a higher standard of living.

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