Rotary Encoder is optical sensor that detects and converts mechanical transfer or disable into electric signal. it detects the position, speed, angle of FA system by means of converting analog signal generated from of the shaft into digital signal by the internal fixed circuit.

Guideline of Encoder Selection

1. Type of Encoder :
Select Encoder Type as followed application (Machine type) from Incremental, Absolute, Linear Control

2. Installation
– Check shaft type : Solid shaft, Hollow shaft, Built-in shaft
– Check Bracket shape, External diameter, , Coupling dimension

3. Resolution & Accuracy
– Received signal processing type of Controller (PLC, Servo Driver, Etc)
– Accuracy of Output signal, Phase difference(t1,t2,t3,t4) = T/4±T/8
– DUTY ratio (t1+t2, t3+t4) = T/2±T/8

4. Power supply
ENCODER Input Voltage and output Voltage

5. Operating Temp. Range : 0° ~ 50° (Ambient Temp.)

6. Rotating Speed and Frequency feature

7. Select Encoder input type : Open collector, Line Driver, Totem pole, E