– Products are subdivided by applicatiom sector and privaate control functions are provided so that anyone can use the system easily.
– “Plus Service” that adds private functions according to customer’s purpose of use.
– Diversified options offered to satisfy diversified demands of customers (Digital switch, Touch Loadr, etc.)
– Linear Coordinates Position Operation Type (VP-1) : Linear motion machine, X-Y table
– Rotary Coordinates Position Operation Type (VP-2) : Index, Turret
– Position operation type after feeder and sensor (VP-3) : Packing machine, All sorts of feeder, conveyor, I-mark.
– Push-Pull position operation type (VP-4) : Pressure control, tensile control.
– Program operation type (VP-5) : 800 step operation.
– Other private soft : Prohram operation, All sorts of private machine
– Tension contril Operation type : Winder