WECON Technology Co., Ltd. is formerly named Xiamen WECON Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2006, this high-tech company has been specialized in automation product research, development and sales. LEVI series of industrial man-machine interfaces and industrial Panel PC products produced by the company have achieved a number of hardware and software intellectual properties, which are widely used in machinery and equipment, metallurgy, chemical, oil and other industries. Its products are exported to nations and regions including US and Europe.

While WECON Technology Co., Ltd. has attained significant development in human-machine interface products, its independent research and development of programmable controller (PLC) products began in 2010 officially came into the market in June 2012. The emergence of WECON LX series PLC means that the company has again mastered a core technology in the field of automation, indicating that the product lines of WECON began to expand horizontally.

With complete and regular production procurement channels, a rigorous and scientific quality management system, a simple and efficient mechanism for innovative research and development, they provide services to users wholeheartedly, as well as automation technologies and products with better quality, easier application and more reliable technologies.

Since its establishment, the company has gathered a large number of young and vibrant high-tech talents, obtained a lot of core technologies in automation industry and product development, accumulated valuable experience in serving users, and formed many effective scientific management systems. All of these are the keys to their success.

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