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FaraSys Automation founded in 2001 as an engineering-commercial department with the goal of providing a total solution in the field of Automation Engineering especially innovative motion control product focusing Iran market in first step.
We offer to our customers a complete package including wide range of high quality equipments with a competitive price, in addition of consulting, design and Engineering services technical support is another key quality for FaraSys. This means we look after our customers throughout the life of their system providing the high caliber technical knowledge to keep a system running, wherever it is and whatever happens to it.

LinMot Linear Motors and LinMot Servo Controller build an optimal drive system for linear positioning applications. The broad spectrum of Servo Controllers support simple two point movements as well as high precision multi axes applications with electronic cam and synchronization.
With the Application Software it is possible to program customized applications directly into the Servo Controller. An Application Software makes sense if the process is to fast to send the data from the Servo Controller to the PLC or the performance of the PLC is not sufficient.

Linear Servo Controllers

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Consist of welding part, steel sheet position structure, sheet dragging structure and automatic feeding robot hand, Equipped with weld tracking system to make effective compensation for weld excursion, Equipped with high precision magnetic separator to ensure transmitting one steel sheet at a time, Especially for tailor-welding cold-roll steel sheets and hot galvanized steel sheets

Farley Laserlab Tailor welding machine