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Farasys Engineering Company
  • Address : Apt.6, No.5, Kowsar 3rd, Sattarkhan Ave.Tehran 1457683897, Iran
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  • Phone : +98-21-66593517-9
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Nurse control

Linkan Asia Co. is a Prominent Actuator manufacturer. R&D teams have years of professional experience in electronics, electrical engineering and mechanical knowledge. Combining theory with practical exprience, They have devoted their attentions to the design, development and manufacture of the automatic control systems like linear actuators, control boxes, controllers, lifting columns and well as many other products. Actuators are available in 5~30cm stroke and 1000~6000N, and control boxes and handsets are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 channels.

ACP (Attendant Control Panel) is designed for most electric hospital and care beds. It allows nursing staff not only to directly control the position functions.but also to lock the single function or whole position functions. but also to lock the single The installation position is supposed to be out of reach of the patient (such as in the foot end broad of bed). This is to prevent inappropriate or even dangerous operation to the patient and stop the handset.function or whole position functions.


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